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Under the Sea

KystTele  was established in April 2005. The company operates a fiber optic cable between Narvik in Northern Norway and Trondheim in Southern Norway, the Polar Circle Cable, altogether a length of 1000 km. This coastal festoon system consists of 14 regeneration cabins and altogether 34 BMH`s (Beach Man Hole) for further expansion of the infrastructure.

In addition, KystTele operates a fiber optic cable between Nesna and Mo i Rana (“Tverrlinken”) that bind together the infrastructure along the coast with the inland fiber optic infrastructure, as well as connecting to Sweden from Mo i Rana.


Kysttele - Serving Customer Needs

As the market demands for broadband is increasing heavily due to increased multimedia use and the end customers are not accepting down time.

Kystteles cable currently extends from Narvik to Trondheim, and over 80% of the cable is positioned in Northern Norway. Northern Norway is the most price competitive area in terms of energy, and this is due to their overproduction of hydro based electricity and limited grid capacity out of the region. Norway gives asymmetric prices compared to the other Nord-Pool regions. The overproduction of clean energy have is expected to lead to establishments of Hyper Scale Data Centres in the region.

Kysttele cooperates with Arctic Capacity to offer comprehensive services for the international datacenter industry that would like to establish business in the arctic region of Norway.



Todays society is experiencing a rapid change, and Kysttele strives to offer services that will contribute to a green and sustainable world. 

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